Worlds first smart WiFi HotSpot

We all love wireless technology. WiFi HotSpots don’t need to be dumb, or ugly. So ours aren't. Ours think and they care about you. And thats why they’re beautiful.

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easy secure WiFi for free

Public WiFi has always been a pain. Complicated to use, not secure, expensive. airfy solves this problem and offers you easy & secure WiFi for free. Use the HotSpot in your home or business.

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Find out how to use wireless technology in a new way.

Imagine having the feeling of home WiFi anywhere in the world. Find out why airfy is more than just a WiFi HotSpot.

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Child’s Play

Accessing the internet on a standard WiFi network is usually fraught with headaches. You have to register every time and never have the right access data on you. airfy changes all that: once you’ve registered anywhere in the world, airfy will recognise your device wherever you are, connecting you automatically to the next airfy WiFi. Without registration, so you can start surfing immediately and without hassle.

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WLAN for guests and customers

Public WiFi often has its downside. It’s not always clear who is responsible for which content, whilst access can be complicated and expensive. airfy offers fast, easy and secure surfing for free. Because airfy saves all data three times: when you send it, when you receive it and while you transmit it on the internet, ensuring that the providers of airfy WiFi are as protected as the users. airfy also makes surfing easier. Once you’ve registered with airfy, you’re welcome at any airfy location: Berlin, Munich or the village fair: wherever there’s airfy, your original password is your ticket to the internet. After a brief advertising message, you can start surfing immediately: easy, secure, for free, with airfy.

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No liability risk for WiFi providers

airfy allows anybody to offer secure WiFi for free without being liable for the actions of other users. Through a VPN connection from your HotSpot to the airfy servers, airfy, as the provider, is liable for the users’ transmissions. airfy allows you to offer easy WiFi access without the risk.

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Turn your HotSpot into a design object. Use the airfy LEDs to stay informed when something happens in your digital world. Set the LEDs to glow when you’ve been tagged on Facebook or choose from dozens of other fun options. Can be controlled via the app or the airfy website, and also features IFTTT support.

The (r)evolution of your private WiFi HotSpot

Your previous WiFi HotSpot at home is collecting dust in the corner and serves only one purpose: to supply WiFi for you. airfy is more than a HotSpot – it’s a new concept for using and sharing WiFi. Everybody likes the idea of having WiFi anywhere in the world as if they were at home, and airfy makes this possible. Connect your home to airfy and become a HotSpot.


If you’ve ever configured a traditional WiFi HotSpot, you’ll be familiar with the complicated set up. The airfy HotSpot does away with all the headaches. Just plug it in to your Internet router, and that’s it. We call it ZeroConfig, others call it a revolution in secure WiFi.

Offer secure WiFi

airfy is a technology which allows you to supply secure WiFi for free to your friends and customers. This function is included in all airfy HotSpot products. As soon as an airfy HotSpot is in the vicinity, your device will connect to it – simply and without having to go through a complicated registration process.

Mobile payment

The airfy app features a wealth of opportunities for retailers. Mobile payment allows your customers to pay online using their smartphones. The app automatically recognises that the customer is in your store – no more cumbersome barcode scanning required. All they have to do is open the app and pay – faster than by cash. As a store operator, all you need is an airfy HotSpot or Beacon, no additional devices required. Enable easy mobile payment with airfy.

Customer contact via airfy app

Everybody wants to stay in touch with their customers, just as customers like to stay informed about their favorite stores. The airfy app brings both aspects together. Smartphones featuring the airfy app automatically display airfy-connected stores as soon as the smartphone has been within range once. The store is then saved permanently by the app, enabling users to access opening hours and other useful information. And the best thing: they are kept up to date on current offers and news about your store.


The great thing about airfy ads is their relevance to a specific location. You can define your target area using a number of different criteria, and show your target group what they are really interested in. At a ski lodge or in the city center – we have just the right places for you.


You decide when and where your ad is displayed – whether in the vicinty of specific stores or all over the city. Get in touch with us and we will brief you on the possibilities.

The airfy principle

It’s all very simple: everybody can surf the internet securely and free of charge after a short ad has been shown. All airfy HotSpots feature this function, which allows us to offer blanket coverage that concentrates on inner cities and events. Be where your target group is – rely on airfy.

Get the most out of your WiFi at last

There are different types of WiFi, and the best hardware is no good if it’s difficult to register and not secure. This is a common problem, which is why we’ve developed airfy. Combine your existing hardware with airfy to make it as simple as possible for your customers. Until now, there were no solutions available – airfy solves this by making complex technology simple. Easy secure WiFi for free!

Demolition? Refurbishment!

So you like idea of the airfy HotSpots but your company installed a full WiFi system only this year? Your chances of convincing people to dismantle everything are pretty slim, but do not despair: it won’t be necessary because airfy also works on existing WiFi systems. All that’s required is one airfy Gateway per location, and you can get started. We will be happy to explain to you how it works – just get in touch with us.

This is what airfy offers

airfy is easy to use – having registered, airfy users never have to lift a finger again to access the internet, no matter where they are in the world. They automatically surf on an airfy HotSpot if there is one within range. To become part of this network, you can retrofit with airfy. airfy WiFi makes sure that you as a supplier are not liable for the actions of other users and offers a multitude of other functions, such as mobile payment at your stores. We will be happy to show you the potential of your existing network. Call us for free no-obligation advice.

Internet providers

Provider-supplied airfy HotSpots and internet routers are Linux-based, which allows you to integrate the airfy software as an additional function into existing routers, turning a DSL router into a router with airfy technology. There’s a whole range of other interesting functions and details – get in touch with us!

Mobile radio providers

Our technology allows us to integrate cutting-edge smartphones automatically into airfy WiFi networks using the HotSpot 2.0 function, enabling your customers to roam airfy WiFi networks without the need for reconfiguration. There are lots more exciting options. Get in touch with us and we’ll show you what’s possible.


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