Imagination meets smart home automation

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airfy Beacon allows you to make your home smart using one or more “beacons” - tiny receivers that connect to your phone through Bluetooth Low Energy (iBeacon). Just wirelessly hook the airfy system combined with Philips Hue™ up to your lights, your heating with Nest™ thermostat, music player, or television, then use the airfy app to easily change its behavior based on your proximity, the time of day, the number of people in the apartment - almost anything you can think of.

Easy way to save the environment — and money

Smart heating

Set up your heating or air conditioning to turn off automatically when everyone has left the apartment — and turn back on when you get near.

Intelligent lights

Set your lights on a power-saving loop for while you're away on holidays.


No need to check that everything is turned off before going to bed — just set them to power off automatically after a certain time.


If you want to stay up late to watch TV, your presence in the room can override the command.

Automation in the hands of people

At airfy, we want to help you make your life and environment smarter. airfy Beacon is one step on the road to this world.

We want to put the power to automate in the hands of the people who will make the most of it - not those with the money to build an automated home that does everything they want, but those with the passion, imagination and creativity to make their home do what they need.

Open, hackable and maker friendly

At the heart of the airfy Beacon is a tiny super low power micro-computer. The arm m-zero core has 31 gpios, of which we expose 12 on easily accessible standard headers, for the maker community with love. Attaching your own peripherals and powering them from our unregulated 3Volts rail should be easy as pie. The popular NRF51822 by Nordic Semiconductor runs 32bit open source operating systems such FreeRTOS or RIOT, which we even support to some extend in our development forums. We chose the bigger 256kB flash to give you plenty room for your own IoT applications.

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